Moon Ripper

by Drag Me Under

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released September 20, 2015

tracked by Jeromy Ainsworth @ The Sound Saloon
mixed by Ahren Lanfor
drum engineering by Mike Moschetto




Drag Me Under Reno, Nevada

Brandon - Guitar
Jeromy - Bass
Maurice - Vocals
Pat - Drums

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Track Name: Rest In Peace, Red Wolf
Rest In Peace, Redwolf

I burn this bridge
With meaning, with purpose
Tongue of thorns speak
A bloodless taste, the words I hate

They hypnotize me, lie to me, sing to me
Walk this earth without life
They hypnotize me, lie to me, sing to me
Then break my wrist, expect me to live

Shaking and sweating
The curse of life
Curse of life, weighing down
The weight of consciousness

Tear away the brightest parts
Feed them to the wolves
The fangs shine in the dark

When my demons come calling
They scratch they crawl
The nights last much longer
When my demons come calling
The blood in my veins is the poison that's rotting me out

Infect the blood
Poison the mind

Breathe new life, what waits in the shadows
Take a new breath from what lies in the dark
Vile stench from the mouth of the savior
And take the blood that's left in the heart

I was never blessed
Leave the restless in squalor
In a place left abandoned
Track Name: Ghost Songs
Ghost Songs

With loss on the mind every hour
We tear through each action each day
The world will consume and devour
Held under the boot are the slaves

Let waste lands collect what elite have cast out
We are the rot, decay

And the powers that be burn forest for one tree

Show the strength and the numbers
Let divisions collide
These streets know our blood and this dirt is our home
Come take it if you can survive

And the powers that be burn forest for one tree
Light one match, one fire
One hand to hide their greed

In the mouths of the liars
Let the flares burn brightly
In the mouths of the cheats
Let the barbs gouge freely
Show the world what we see when you speak

The weight on your chest when you sleep
And take your breath when you scream

There's nothing to lose
They stole the words from the martyrs
There's nothing to lose
Take them back

And soon the mighty
Fall to the rats in the streets
May the gutters be your graves
So the lowest can feast
Track Name: Last Chance at Gold
Last Chance at Gold

The words they sell
They sell with bodies stuffed in bags
Take your medicine, this medicine
You've been so sick, you've been so sick

Stake your claim in the lie they've sold you
A twist and turn let them judge and offer
A life worth living and a life worth keeping
Just keep on smiling and the dead won't see

A failure
The hollow feeling was implanted inside
A graveyard
It's what they want and they'll kill you and use you

Pick your number, pull the feeding tube out
Pick your poison, let the blood drain out
We all can celebrate the birth of our own cattle state
Pick your number, pick your poison

Your blood is long gone
Your blood has been sold
Nothing exists that cannot be slaughtered
Everything made is up for offer

The hungry beast
Fed from the palms of those it eats

So emaciated
Disease runs deep
So asphyxiated
The plague wrought heap
Track Name: Giza Batteries
Giza Batteries

I can see it in your face
The way you drift away
Believing that it never existed at all
The time that is erased
The words that will escape
No reason, just leaving
The fall

Lower the cross, close the eyes
The body will find rest
With the roots, in the dirt, with the past

The coldest nights are calling
Her memory is failing

Lights have stopped burning
Accepting the dark for the dark
Let what will transpire transpire
The lights have stopped burning
Her eyes have stopped shining

World grows dark, rust has set
Eroding my skin
My lungs made of glass
Expelling my breath

The body will find rest
Track Name: Moon Ripper
Moon Ripper

The sadness behind your eyes
Clings to everything you try to forget

No words dismiss the black cloud
The thief steals the whole world

No words can stop the black rain
The wretch, the teeth
The stench, the leech
With guilt they speak
The lie with ease

The will can break
The light's not coming in
God broke the deal

The longest shadows, too far to see
Stretched out forever the shadows sing
They're screaming

Steal the breath from the angels
On immortal strength you rely
Where are the saviors
The spirit breaks miles high

Let the blackness surround, become the heart of it
The words get lost in mouths of those that question it
They hold true to their word, you can't escape from this
Underneath the skin sits cold and bitterness
Track Name: Dance Like You Want to Win it
Dance Like You Want to Win It

Let go of the final hour
No turning back, stop looking looking back
Let go of the haunting letters
They won't get any better

The graves, they lie
The hardest part is knowing why
When all that's left is memory
It just doesn't feel like anything

Reach out, pull in
When suicide is home
I know the void, I've seen it
The emptiness, I've felt it

At once scars surface
With vehemence and purpose
The battle for supremacy
With the past heartache and memory

We destroy ourselves
We destroy ourselves

Release the hearts that fly
Weighed down by iron chains
The spirits that belong in other's dreams
To go back and forth, over again
Between letting go and holding on
Letting go and holding for

One more day

It's in my lungs
The breath I took when you were gone
It left me standing cold
At night the ghosts have one more soul

Single second and it's already lost
Lasting haze of the ones that are gone
Memory always takes it's toll
At night the ghosts have one more soul
Track Name: Funeral Grab
The Funeral Grab

Inside we've lost the most
The great expression and the deadest of wishes
Like the clashing of ghost
No one can see it but I damn sure can feel it

I'm losing words by the second and you're still speaking
The smoking eyes betray the fire that has burned me out

Let the night roll in
Let the dead air
Collect everything
Let the words breathe out
The desert eyes watch
They see everything
Come on, burn with me

Set intentions down, lay the words to rest
In the leaves they die and return to dust
Track Name: Party Sharks
The long road paved with the words
That took your breath
A long time coming
But never too late

In time
You found your grace in time
And let the world fall back, away
And never let it catch you off guard again

Old memories
Keep coming back again
Old memories
Move the body forward

The only choice is forward
Keep climbing, keep fighting
Your strength will break their backs

Move with this
For every heart that's beating, repeating
Repeat it, repeat it, repeat it

Dare the impossible
Like night rides on the Gold Coast
Leaving light and dust behind for the unknown

Dare dreams that pass the world
To stay right here and bare themselves
Hearts bleed crimson heat
Black steel, fast wheels
Blood travels faster

They said you can't fly
Can you?