Dead Dudes On Dead Horses

by Drag Me Under

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Bucky Relentlessly heavy and catchy southern riffs in the spirit of hardcore. Like chicks in high heels on ice, these guys will knock you on your ass. Favorite track: The Spread Gun From Contra.
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released April 20, 2013



all rights reserved


Drag Me Under Reno, Nevada

Brandon - Guitar
Jeromy - Bass
Maurice - Vocals
Pat - Drums

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Track Name: The March
Every waking night, march to oblivion
Summon the masses, call for destruction
Track Name: The Spread Gun From Contra
And so it reads

Blinded by weakness, enchant our fear
Enchant, remember
Dead move dead

Feel the movement
When the stars scream
Sickness takes root
And the moon bleeds

Blood flows from veins to teeth

The darkness
The reapers cloak
Burns like fire
Our bodies to smoke

We're the ones that don't fear the night

We keep on marching
On and on
Track Name: Song of the Landshark
These streets
These wild streets shiver
At the coming cold the stabbing feet
Let loose set free
Feel the night air hum
Electric wild on the circuits rhythm
Hear the pounding voice
Our pounding hearts
The graveyard dance

We won't release the fire bombs
We won't let lose the men at arms
No saviors

No fire bombs
No men at arms
Resist the oncoming storm
No fire bombs
No men at arms
The storm they brought to us
Shake the streets
Tremble the night
Electrify electrify
I will not be cleansed

Now march straight
Into the mouth of hell

My chest my lungs
My voice my own
My voice is my own
Track Name: Real Men Don't Throw Fits, They Throw Cars
Save the thrill of rebellion
Cast your lot to the loudest voices
Share all the hate you can
While we waste ourselves on minor fixes

Eyes wide We run for the blades
Suicide Nothing new to us
Ever expanding this dead brigade
Eyes wide we scream for the blades

Out loud
Fear no reprisal
Run from none

We're all dead inside
We're all dead and murdered
We're all doomed inside
We're all doomed you cannot save us

It's coming around
Last time for the final push
The noose calls everyone by name
Taking all who speak
Let the murders go unpunished
Lay the bodies bare for all to see
Hang em high
Let no one forget this

We'll climb these pearly gates
Raise hell
Track Name: The Rancor
Fallen face down
In the gutter I lay
These starving worms
Feast on my remains
Save you some time
I've been dead for years
Burnt out city lights
Cold arms my dear

The dancing demons
Why this is their song
The dancing demons
Carry them home

Just let them march
So I can sleep
Just sleep
I never felt so good

Spit fire and venom
A cause long forgotten
Now I'm alone
So blissfully alone
Reckless abandon guides me
Stars of the city guide me
At least they did

Drag me from hell
Where I lay
Drag me from hell
Kicking and screaming
Track Name: Check Yes or No, If No Please Pass to Friend
I'm not so sure
This marching beat
To drive me on
Taken back

By old ghost
And new blood
Drive on, no savior
Every hope a false one

Leads to a dead end
To leave them Helpless
Leave them broken and bleeding

Blinded by their deceiving
They cheer
The end game
One war for their own name

With screams so loud
How can they win?
So well protected
From themselves
Always themselves

I awaken
To this truth
Blinded by their deceiving
They cheer
Track Name: Unmarked Grave
I'm chasing but I'm not running through the smog
The ever suffocating smog
Silencing any plea ever spoken
Being filled with desperation that has never felt worse
The flames of this city
The flames of any city
I will not see morning

My body betrays me
Legs faultier beneath me
Betrayed by mine I stumble
These black lungs sing
They sing

This is the consequence
This is the outcome
Never releasing
Never relenting
These black lungs sing
They sing

Just cleave the extremities and
Leave the heart where it lays
Bloody the ground where I walk
No need
No desire
My blood will call me home through the smoke and glass
Track Name: Denim Wasp
I learned the art of simulated apathy
The only gift passed down from my father
I raise my head don't follow my lead
A step away and into the darkness

I wish you well
I wish you well but
This is the last time that I wish for you
I walk the road to hell
Every phantom in step
They make poor company they're what I need

Each drew a line
Each chose a side
So let's toss our doubts
And let's reach the stars
Let's destroy our worlds
And let our hearts stop

Burn out the sun
With our last rights
And then death

This new
This old Discussion
It grips the voice in a vice
The sheer pressure
Let no mistake be made
I'll burn every bridge
I'll make my blood still

Lost all of the answers
I couldn't just find them
Stumble and stutter
I write my own end
Track Name: The Alabama Division
So there it is
Cold and crushing
Like a mad man in the room
I muster myself
Dig in
Take control
I'm outgunned
And overwhelmed

Let's draw the battle lines
Draw out the way we die
This ends tonight

This world doesn't matter
It's already dead
This ends tonight

We light the fires
Send out the angels
Their safety we don't need
From our tongues this poison bleeds
Let's paint the sky red

Hell raised
My own fate
Blinked out
The end game
Just us
Just this

We can scorch
This whole planet
Burn it to
No angels
Protect us
No demons
To steer us

Gods of war
What are we fighting for
Let's make this count
Let's bring them down
We open this sky wide
Track Name: Smoke Screens and Oil Slicks
The sting of dust
The biting wind
The frozen ground can't hold my broken frame

Can't walk
Can't breath
Can't move
Can't scream
My own design

Saying all my prayers
This desolate wasteland confronts me
My spine bends
My teeth break
My voice cracks
With each day I'm here
And I can't do this much longer

These hands they dig
Right to the bottom
Straight to the bottom

When all has failed
When we have failed ourselves
We know

Dig deep
Dig hard
Guilty the unforgivable
The self made martyr

Blind side mine
True fault my own
Fracture skull and bone
I won't live to see
Another day

I faultier in every step I take
I sabotage every choice you make
Track Name: The Jungle Came Alive and Took Them
This path will end with every smoking ember
This fire burns I steal back my memories

I can't recognize my own skin
I control the shaking of my hands
This blood has purpose

These broken steps
Remembering every breath I took
My blood loss claims my right to be
I lose the words that cling to past sensations
I walk with the weight of my own decisions

No more
I see the changing right in front of me
And now I know where I want to be
This could be an end
This could be anything
Hard lines and hard ground
Sell me
Cold weight with no sound
I can not believe
The things I've passed on

An offered fate
Cold surrender
Drown in black
I'll down the sleeper

The rise
Such daring heights
Track Name: Dead Dudes on Dead Horses
All the fear
Hate you can spill
Has done nothing
Can do nothing

This place is not safe
My sisters
My brothers

Send your children
Sell the fear
Tell them what you take

This is not
My fathers house

If these walls could speak
They would testify
Stacked with bricks of faith

Joined by the fear
Lit the light of ignorance
The lying hands of open arms

Run as fast as you run
Retreat from the doom this will cause
Never look back
Just keep your face to the wind

This is everything
That you've ever lived for
This is everything
That you'll ever die for
Live on